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RC Aerial Cam is a close range aerial video company that specializes in film, commercial, sports, entertainment, and any other aerial photographic or video needs. The use of remote controlled aerial video equipment such as rc helicopters, multi-rotors, and smaller GoPro aerial equipment, provides a cost effective solution for customers of all sizes based on your need and budget. 


RC Aerial Cam utilizes a variety of remote controlled helicopters and cameras to capture some of the best aerial video in the industry.  Our company has worked on countless productions over the past 7 years in a variety of locations and conditions both inside and out, with some sites being quite remote. 

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We are able to carry many different cameras, so let us know what your needs are.


Our primary in house cameras include: 


Canon 5D MKiii




Please contact us for our rates.


Aerial filming is, by it’s very nature, complex and generally quite expensive. But with the use of remote control helicopters and other types of aerial video equipment, we at RC Aerial Cam can work with you, and your budget, to deliver some spectacular aerial video, adding to the production value of any project.

RC Aerial Cam specializes in creating a product that allows your company to stand out in a world surrounded by media marketing. If your visual sales, marketing, operational or training video needs are destined for TV commercials, websites, trade-shows, YouTube & Vimeo, reality shows, or the big screen, we can ensure you stand out and get noticed with our remote control aerial drone video cababilities.


We offer our services to all forms of sports, commercial, government, and full production companies. From local areas to remote locations and from in-house prodocts to the big screen and everything in-between, RC Aerial Cam is able to go where you need to go to capture your aerial drone video shots.

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